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Call of Duty: Warzone’s latest stim glitch has been fixed

Raven Software confirms it was done by lobbing back a live grenade

Two Warzone operatives stand in the smoke

Raven Software has fixed Call of Duty: Warzone’s latest infinite stim glitch. The developer has posted a heap of patch notes on its website that confirms the exploit’s latest iteration stemmed from players getting stuck in a throwback state from tossing back a live grenade.

The issue initially surfaced on Reddit last month, though we’ve seen the glitch in some iteration several times now. The stim itself is a standard healing item, but it proves bothersome for players when others use it to run into the fog and heal themselves an unlimited amount of times. Coming up against it is frustrating in and of itself, but it also leads to slower matches with lots of inactivities.

There are plenty of other nifty fixes in the latest Warzone patch, too. Raven Software has adjusted the timing of ammo replenishment during empty reloads for Black Ops – Cold War weapons. The match bonus and kill XP reward for the Kingslayer mode has also been adjusted to make it more in line with Verdansk BR. Raven Software says that this is part of its continued effort to normalise XP rewards across the board.

The latest exploit fix is the newest step Activision is taking towards stamping out exploits and cheats. This week, the publisher confirmed it had caught 60,000 cheaters in a recent ban wave and had dished out “more than 300,000” permabans since launch.

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You can catch the patch notes in full on the developer’s website. If you’re looking for more battle royale games, though, you know where to click.