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The best 3-Line Rifle loadout in Warzone

The 3-Line Rifle is the primary sniper rifle for long-range engagements; if you're looking to snipe in Warzone, here are the best 3-Line Rifle attachments

The 3-Line Rifle in Warzone Pacific

Looking for the best 3-Line Rifle loadout? Warzone has brought a huge number of Call of Duty: Vanguard weapons from the base game into the battle royale game. For those who like to camp on the opposite side of the map, zoomed in and picking off baddies from miles away with your sniper rifle, the 3-Line Rifle just might be your perfect match.

The 3-Line Rifle is a formidable weapon, capable of dealing devastating damage from a distance. Best combined with a sniper support assault rifle like a Cooper Carbine, the best 3-Line Rifle attachments ensure you’ll tear through anyone unlucky enough to wander into your sights – though this does come at the cost of your mobility, as you may expect.

The best 3-Line Rifle loadout is very different from the likes of the Kar98k. No quickscoping here – we’re maxing out bullet velocity, range, and accuracy while aiming, as well as avoiding detection until you’ve blown the enemy to smithereens. Here’s a list of the best 3-Line Rifle attachments and why we recommend them.

Best 3-Line Rifle loadout attachments

The best Call of Duty Warzone 3-Line Rifle loadout is:

  • MX Silencer
  • Kovalevskaya 820mm R1MN
  • 1913 Variable 4-8x
  • ZAC Custom MZ
  • Mark VI Skeletal
  • .30-06 20 Round Mags
  • Lengthened
  • Leather Grip
  • Shrouded
  • Deep Breath

The 3-Line Rifle is built to fire off bullets across great distances, and for those bullets to actually land where you’re aiming them, so we’re looking to maximise this weapon’s bullet velocity by any means necessary.

Let’s start with the Kovalevskaya 920mm R1MN. In addition to improving your one-shot kill area – which is massively important in Warzone to differentiate a sniper from its rivals in the quickscoping category – this barrel attachment improves your bullet velocity significantly. It harms your hip-fire accuracy and mobility, as expected – this gun is going to be pretty unwieldy by the end of this loadout, but the 3-Line Rifle’s ranged potential makes it a worthy compromise.

The MX Silencer is a classic for any Vanguard guns that could use a range boost, and the 3-Line Rifle is no different. It suppresses your fire when you’re shooting, forcing enemies to be a bit more on the ball when spotting where they’re getting sniped from.

The real star of the best 3-Line Rifle loadout is the magazine attachment, though. Most sniper rifles have pretty slow reload times and a tiny little mag they have to reload every few shots. Not this one. The .30-06 20 Round Mags have exactly that – 20 rounds in the chamber, ready to go. They’re large calibre rounds too, so your bullet velocity, range, damage, and bullet penetration are all boosted. Of course, nothing in this world is free, and alas, the same is true of Warzone attachments. Your rate of fire and mobility will suffer significantly with these rounds, but it’s worth it. Alongside the Lengthened ammunition attachment, you’ll be shooting pennies off the heads of ducklings.

ADS speed is extremely important for a sniper rifle, so we’ve gone with the ZAC Custom MZ which improves this area and upgrades the weapon’s recoil control. In a similar vein, the Leather Grip improves your ADS speed along with your aiming stability, at no cost to you, and the Mark VI Skeletal underbarrel gives you a further ADS boost. What an absolute treat. The gun is still pretty hefty, but it’s a damn sight better than feeling like you’re waltzing around the Warzone with an elephant in your hands.

One final thing we’d like to mention is the Shrouded perk. Snipers suffer from scope glint in a big way in Warzone and have since the game’s inception. However, this perk conceals your scope glint, making a hard job even harder. Enemy squads will barely be able to see you when you’re Shrouded miles down the road.

That’s it for our best 3-Line Rifle loadout! It’s very much focused on range and power, but don’t let that prevent you from trying wild quickscopes and silly trick shots. You’re your own person. Of course, if long-range, hefty sniper battles don’t butter your crumpet, we have all kinds of other treats for you in the form of the best Warzone loadouts. Fill your boots!