The best .410 Ironhide loadout in Warzone

Give this powerful shotgun a try in Warzone Season 6

The stock .410 Ironhide shotgun in Call of Duty Warzone's preview menu

Looking for the best .410 Ironhide build in Warzone? This lever-action shotgun packs an incredible punch, capable of blasting away fully armoured enemies in just two shots. The time to kill speed on the best Warzone guns has fallen over the past few months, but shotguns have largely stayed the same. The battle royale game has never truly had a place for shotguns, but things could be different with the .410 Ironhide.

The main reason people tend to pick the best SMGs in Warzone over shotguns is because shotguns take too long to fire off two shots. Using the best .410 Ironhide loadout, we can increase the damage output and firing speed to mitigate this drawback as much as possible and make this weapon as effective as it can be. Warzone Season 6 has also introduced the Grav assault rifle, bringing back a fan favourite from the Black Ops series.

Wondering how to unlock the .410 Ironhide? The shotgun is available in the free tier of the Season 6 battle pass – all you need to do is reach tier 15 to unlock the .410 Ironhide. Once you have the weapon, here are the attachments you need to build the best .410 Ironhide loadout in Warzone.


The best Warzone .410 Ironhide loadout is:

  • Agency Choke
  • 22.3” Reinforced Heavy
  • SOF Target Designator
  • 7 Rnd Tube
  • Shotgun Stock

The Agency Choke works perfectly with the .410 Ironhide as it increases the shotgun’s effective damage range, vertical recoil control, bullet velocity, and even adds sound suppression. The Ironhide has been designed with close quarters combat in mind – we’ve gone for attachments that improve the weapon’s range to give us a fighting chance at mid range.

Equip the 22.3” Reinforced Heavy barrel to increase the damage range further. This barrel also improves the shotgun’s fire rate to reduce the amount of time taken between shots. Both the 22.3” Reinforced Heavy and Agency Choke hurt the Ironhide’s mobility, though you will hardly notice this in the middle of combat.

The Ironhide’s bullet spread is tight while aiming down its sights, however, this certainly isn’t the case when hip firing. It’s important to aim down sights whenever possible, but for those awkward moments when players sneak up on you, the SOF Target Designator laser attachment is essential as it drastically improves the shotgun’s hip fire accuracy.

The 7 Rnd Tube magazine grants you an extra bullet in each clip, perfect in those instances where you’re one shot away from downing an opponent. You might want to go for the STANAG 8 Rnd Tube, but we wouldn’t recommend it as this magazine hurts the shotgun’s aim down sight speed. Lastly, the Shotgun Stock improves the weapon’s sprint to fire time without hindering the gun in any way.

And that’s all you need to put together the best .410 Ironhide loadout in Warzone. You may struggle to dominate with this weapon on Verdansk – give the .410 Ironhide a try on Rebirth Island which features less long range combat. If you want to try out a meta setup, give our best Warzone loadout drop guide a read to use the best weapons in the game. Pair your Ironhide with a long range assault rifle like the best C58 loadout to cover all of your bases.