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The best AMP63 loadout in Warzone

Give this powerful pistol a try using this loadout

The AMP63 pistol introduced in the Warzone Season 3 Reloaded update

Are you looking for the best Warzone AMP loadout? After the Sykov fiasco which saw the akimbo pistols dominate Warzone for a few days before being nerfed, the devs have been cautious about releasing powerful weapons. The AMP63 pistol looked like it was going to be the Sykov 2.0 when it was initially revealed, but it looks like it has been toned down considerably.

It looks like the new strategy is to release a weapon, then apply buffs later on if the community finds the gun underwhelming. This was the case for the best LC10 loadout and best LW3 Tundra loadout, two guns that underperformed at launch but are now staples of the game.

The Warzone Season 4 update provided the AMP63 with drastic buffs to its damage output, increasing the maximum damage per bullet from 30 to 33. That’s not all either, as the second damage range was increased by 14.3%, along with the damage torso and extremities damage multipliers from 1 to 1.1 and .9 to 1, respectively. The developers wanted the AMP63 to become a viable secondary weapon option for anyone not running the incredibly popular Overkill perk.


The best Warzone Amp loadout is:

  • Sound Suppressor
  • 7.2” Task Force
  • Speed Tape
  • 20 Rnd Speed Mag
  • Tiger Team Spotlight

Wondering how to unlock the AMP63? To unlock the AMP63, you will have to complete the following Black Ops Cold War in-game challenge: using a pistol, eliminate five enemies in 20 different completed matches. You can also purchase the Gamma Ray bundle in the in-game store, which includes an AMP63 blueprint, for 1000 CoD points.

The Sound Suppressor is perfect for the AMP63 as the sound suppression feature is too important to ignore in Warzone. This muzzle also improves the pistol’s mobility by reducing the aim down sight speed and sprint to fire speed. Finally, the bullet velocity has been improved with this attachment, though it does come at the cost of its effective damage range.

Without any attachments, the AMP63’s base accuracy is surprisingly high. We’ve gone for the 7.2” Task Force barrel which does negatively impact the gun’s vertical and horizontal recoil control, but makes up for this with powerful buffs. The 7.2” Task Force improves the weapon’s bullet velocity, effective damage range, and strafe speed. With these two attachments, the AMP63 is now capable of killing enemies at close range with ease.

To ensure you’re able to fight off enemies when they sneak up behind you, the Speed Tape attachment improves the pistol’s aim down sight time without any negative effects. The AMP63’s biggest weakness stems from its small magazines. We’ve gone for the 20 Rnd Speed Mag, but even this doesn’t drastically improve the pistol. Fortunately, this magazine can be reloaded slightly faster than usual, which is important as you will have to reload between kills.

Thanks to the AMP63’s clean iron sights, we can select the Tiger Team Spotlight attachment instead of an optic to improve the pistol’s mobility. This laser increases both our movement and aim walking movement speed at the slight cost of aiming stability. Again, this isn’t a big deal on the AMP63 as it features great accuracy already.

As mentioned earlier, there is a chance this pistol could receive a buff in the future to make it a meta staple. The AMP63 definitely has its uses in specific loadouts, but it isn’t the perfect all rounder like some of the best SMGs in Warzone. The best weapons to pair the AMP63 with are sniper rifles like the best Swiss loadout to ensure you’re able to fight off enemies no matter where they are.