The best Carv.2 loadout in Warzone

The latest weapon to grace Warzone is a new tactical rifle

The Carv.2 tactical assault rifle in Call of Duty: Warzone's preview menu

Want to know the best Carv loadout in Warzone? While the tactical rifle meta appears to be over in Warzone Season 3, the new Carv.2 is hoping to relive those glory days. It’s safe to say the devs aren’t going to release a weapon as powerful as the best M16 loadout and best AUG setup were, but there’s still hope for the Carv.2. If you’re looking for a meta tactical rifle, this might be your best bet.

At close to medium range, the Carv.2 is an excellent choice, as it strikes the perfect balance between accuracy and damage. Another advantage the Carv.2 has is improved mobility compared to other weapons in the same category. The TTK on the Carv.2 is lower compared to the tactical rifles that dominated the Season 2 meta, but it has much better accuracy overall.

You will have to unlock the Carv.2, though this process doesn’t take very long depending on the Call of Duty game you choose to play. The easiest method by far is the Black Ops Cold War in-game challenge: using tactical rifles, rapidly kill two or more players in ten different completed matches. Here’s what you need to build the best Carv loadout in Warzone.


The best Warzone Carv loadout is:

  • Agency Silencer
  • 20.8” Strike Team
  • Field Agent Foregrip
  • 45 Rnd Drum
  • Axial Arms 3x

A Warzone staple, the Agency Silencer pairs well with the Carv.2 as it gives the weapon huge buffs to four key areas: sound suppression, vertical recoil control, bullet velocity, and effective damage range. This does come at the cost of the weapon’s aim down sight speed, but we’ll happily take this trade off as the advantages are far too good to ignore.

To take advantage of the Carv.2’s impressive recoil and accuracy, we’ve gone for the 20.8” Strike Team barrel. This attachment greatly improves the bullet velocity and effective damage range, enabling the weapon to fight at medium range with ease. The Carv.2 has unusually high mobility for a tactical rifle, so it doesn’t matter if the weapon takes a few hits in this area.

The Field Agent Foregrip gives the Carv.2 better recoil control, perfect for our loadout which aims to dominate at medium to long range. Again, mobility takes a small hit here but it’s nothing to worry about. We’ve also gone for the 45 Rnd Drum as you can always use more bullets when fighting off enemies in Verdansk.

Finally, we chose the Axial Arms 3x scope to round off the loadout as the Carv.2 excels at dealing with enemies from a distance. You can switch this to the Visiontech 2x scope if you hate fighting from far distances; not everyone wants to line up every shot while accounting for bullet drop.

Not sure what weapon would work well as a secondary in this loadout? The best Bullfrog loadout and best LC10 loadout are a great option alongside the Carv.2 as they can shred through enemies at close range. With your new loadout, you’re ready to break into the Warzone vault in Nakatomi Plaza. This vault was added in the Warzone mid-season update, and it’s filled with tonnes of game-changing loot.