The best MK9 Bruen Warzone class setup

Modern Warfare's new LMG is deadly in Warzone, here is the best Bruen loadout

Warzone Bruen MK9 class

Have you just unlocked the new LMG and are looking for the best MK9 Bruen Warzone class setup to use with it? One of the newest Warzone guns is also one of the finest, but not when you initially unlock it. To get the best out of the M249 SAW-like LMG you’ll need to do some multiplayer grinding and almost max out its weapon level.

This build makes the Bruen MK9 almost as mobile as the best assault rifle in Warzone, so when you factor in the high damage, rate of fire, and superb long-range performance this LMG can even be better than the best M4A1 Warzone class setup and even the best Warzone Grau setup after its range nerf. Fewer shots to kill, slightly better time to kill, and manageable recoil considering the weapon class – this is one of very few LMGs that performs in-game as well as it does on paper.

To round it all out we’ve also listed the equipment, perks, and the secondary weapon you need to make this one of the best Warzone loadouts in the game.

How to get the MK9 Bruen in Modern Warfare

To unlock the MK9 Bruen in Warzone and Modern Warfare you need to get 3 kills when an enemy is near smoke with an LMG in 15 different matches.

This challenge is actually pretty difficult, but the easiest way to do this is to equip smoke grenades and head into a small map playlist. Simply sit near the smoke and pump rounds into the cloud until an enemy dies – easiest done in hardcore modes where two shots is all you’ll need.

Alternatively, play an objective-based mode and equip a thermal optic. Allow the enemies to take the objective then smoke it and clear out anyone caught in the cloud.


Here is the best class setup for the MK9 Bruen in Warzone:

  • Monolithic Suppressor
  • Tac Laser
  • 60 Round Mags
  • Corp Combat Holo Sight
  • XRK Summit 26.8″

The mono suppressor will keep you off the radar, which is essential for Warzone, and will also extend your effective range. The 60 Round Mags and Tac Laser are here to speed up your aim down sight speed and mobility. We’ve opted for the Corp Combat Holo Sight as it doesn’t add too much to the aim down sight speed but offers a very clean optic. Finally, we’ve added the XRK Summit 26.8″ barrel for even better ranged performance.

The Bruen with 60 Round Mags is essential as it improves so many of your other stats and makes the LMG feel like an assault rifle. The Summit barrel is a recent tweak to this build that we made in reaction to the Grau nerf. This mod makes the Bruen a 4-shot kill weapon all the way up to 80m, which is hard to beat.

For a more close-quarters alternative, check out this Warzone Bruen loadout:

  • Monolithic Suppressor
  • Bruen 18.0″ Para
  • 60 Round Mags
  • No Stock
  • Tac Laser

The Bruen has one of the best time to kill stats up close in all of Warzone, so it makes a lot of sense stripping as many weighty attachments off as possible and going for speed above all else. As for longer range backup weapons, we recommend the Warzone Rytec AMR class, which can get a squad wipe in seconds if your aim is on point.

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For perks, we suggest Cold-Blooded, Ghost, and Amped – the first two will keep you off radars and thermal optics, while Amped will speed up your weapon swap times. As ever, take C4 for dealing with enemies behind walls, and Heartbeat Sensor for clearing buildings.

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