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The best Warzone Finn LMG loadout

The Finn LMG has a heap of attachments that will make it devastating in Warzone, here's which ones to pick

Best Warzone Finn LMG loadout

Looking for the best Warzone Finn LMG loadout? Season 5 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has barely kicked off and already Infinity Ward and Activision have added a fresh new weapon to the game called the Finn LMG. Right off the bat this new LMG is going to draw comparisons to a few classics from older Call of Duty games, especially the Chain SAW from Call of Duty: Ghosts, which could only be fired from the hip, but boasted exceptional damage and fire rate. The Finn LMG is not restricted in this way, though, as you can mod it so that it is either hip-fire only or you can aim down sights with it. Only time will tell if it will be among the best Warzone LMGs.

And there are myriad other attachments for you to experiment with when using the new Finn LMG, including a separate list of barrels that dramatically increase the weapon’s rate of fire at the cost of recoil control. Naturally, all the usual Warzone suspects are there, like the monolithic suppressor and Tac Laser. There are also two conversion kit-style attachments to consider. The first is an ammo type change from 5.56 NATO round to 5.56 CT rounds – these are lighter rounds allowing for increased mobility, but have much worse bullet velocity. The second is the XRK ChainSAW stock, which turns the Finn LMG into a hip-fire only weapon with increased mobility.

We’ve assembled our picks for the top attachments to use on the Finn LMG in Warzone, as well as the secondary weapon, perks, and equipment to accompany it.

Best Warzone Finn LMG loadout

The best Warzone Finn LMG loadout is:

  • Monolithic Suppressor
  • XRK Longshot Adverse
  • Ranger Foregrip
  • Tac Laser
  • Sleight of Hand

A quick caveat: if you don’t like the iron sights then swap out the XRK Citadel for the red dot optic of your choice, of the VLK 3.0x if you want a bit more ranged effectiveness. However, these might be some of the best iron sights in Modern Warfare so far, so we’re inclined to leave them as is.

The rest of those attachments will keep you very competitive in Warzone, with the barrel and monolithic suppressor increasing your range and keeping you off the radar. The Tac Laser will help out with your aim down sight speed, the Ranger Foregrip boosts recoil control and aiming stability, and Sleight of Hand will make reloads less painful. Trust us, when you see the rate of fire on this LMG you will want Sleight of Hand on it.

Overkill should be your second perk, which you’ll use to equip another primary weapon – you will ideally swap to a loadout with Ghost later into the game to keep you safe from UAVs. This Finn LMG setup excels at medium range, so it’s up to you whether you want to bring a long-range weapon like our best Warzone AX-50 loadout, or something for extreme close-quarters like the still meta MP5 Warzone build.

Perk one should be EOD as it will save you from being instantly downed by any explosives you wander into, while perk three should be Amped so you can quickly swap between weapons.

Still need it? Here’s our Finn LMG challenge guide

Finally, we suggest bringing the Heartbeat Sensor and C4 as your equipment picks. The former is always handy for saving yourself from building campers, although you always need to consider that other players might be using Ghost, while the latter is still the strongest piece of lethal equipment thanks.