The best ZRG 20mm Warzone loadout

Take this powerful sniper rifle for a spin using the best loadout available

A close up of the ZRG 20mm sniper rifle in Call of Duty Warzone

Want to know what the best ZRG loadout is in Warzone? The ZRG 20mm is a sniper rifle designed to take out enemies from great distances, much further than the likes of the best Kar98k loadout and best Pelington 703 loadout. This weapon comes stocked with just three bullets per magazine, but each bullet is capable of downing an enemy from a single upper torso hit.

Warzone Season 5 Reloaded targeted a number of weapons with fast time to kill speeds in order to make them less effective. Overall, sniper rifles are in a good place right now which is why they haven’t received the same level of nerfs as assault rifles or SMGs. Using the right attachments, you can power up the ZRG 20mm to have the highest bullet velocity and the least amount of bullet drop compared to every sniper rifle in the game.

You will first need to unlock the ZRG to use it in Warzone and Cold War. We highly recommend pairing the ZRG with one of the best SMGs in Warzone to protect yourself against flanking attacks. Here’s everything you need to build the best ZRG loadout in Warzone.


The best Warzone ZRG loadout is:

  • Agency Moderator
  • 43.9” Combat Recon
  • 5 Rnd
  • Serpent Wrap
  • Axial Arms 3x

Sound suppression is essential in Warzone, especially for a long range sniper rifle as it allows you to avoid detection if you miss your target. The Agency Moderator muzzle includes sound suppression, increased bullet velocity and effective damage range. The added bullet velocity makes it easier to line up shots as you won’t have to account for as much bullet drop when firing from a distance.

To improve the ZRG’s long distance capabilities, we’ve gone for the 43.9” Combat Recon barrel which drastically improves the sniper rifle’s bullet velocity. This barrel does negatively impact the weapon’s aiming stability, but it isn’t enough to be a hindrance. The 5 Rnd magazine is almost essential on the ZRG as three bullets can become a real problem in the early game. When you have to deal with multiple enemies, you’ll be happy for those two additional shots.

The rear grip Serpent Wrap increases the ZRG’s slow aim down sight speed, though this does negatively affect the sprint to fire time. Fortunately, most players aren’t going to be running and gunning with a heavy sniper rifle any time soon.

Finally, we’ve gone for the Axial Arms 3x scope to take advantage of the high bullet velocity and low bullet drop. It’s important to note that this scope doesn’t produce a glint, making it very difficult for your enemies to retaliate.

And that’s the best ZRG loadout in Warzone. Not sure what weapon you should pair with this lethal sniper rifle? We highly recommend the best MP5 loadout as this weapon is lethal at close range, even against assault rifles. ’80s Verdansk won’t be sticking around forever – find out what’s going to replace it by reading our new Warzone map article.

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