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Call of Duty cheats seller sued by Activision

The outlet has apologised for any pain caused

A prominent seller of cheats and hacks for various multiplayer games has been served a lawsuit by Activision. The site has removed the Call of Duty series from its list of products, and apologised to any players affected by its cheats.

CxCheats revealed the news on Discord, stating Activision has taken legal action, and as part of the litigation, the company has taken down all of its Call of Duty-related cheats and stopped supporting them. “As a result of our lawsuit with Activision, we have agreed to cease development and support for all Call of Duty related products or services sold through the site,” the statement reads. “These products will not be returning to CxCheats in any form.”

The discord has since been taken down, but a screenshot has been preserved on Reddit. CxCheats offered an array of methods for cheating and hacking your UI, from aimbots to making your radar bigger, with cheat menus retailing for $60, all of which have been removed from the store. As you might imagine, some of their loyal customers aren’t happy about support suddenly begin switched off on something that might have cost them the guts of $100. Going from cheater to cheated is no doubt a bitter pill.

At the bottom of the statement, CxCheats apologises for “any pain we’ve caused to players of Call of Duty”. The Reddit thread below it isn’t high on sympathy. “Good. The lowlifes deserve it,” reads the top comment, from user tmite11. Hacking tools for other popular FPS games and battle royale games Apex Legends and PUBG remain available.

Activision suing popular hacking installation website from r/CODWarzone

Battling cheaters is a constant battle for many companies. PUBG has adopted a hall monitor system to report miscreants, Rainbow Six Siege has a three-pronged approach, and previously to this, Activision had initiated a system that forces players suspected of cheating to play each other. Even Fall Guys, a game that’s just over a month old, has had to deal with them.

The latest Call of Duty was officially revealed only this week. Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War will come out November 13 – here’s all the guns and weapons revealed so far.