Call of Duty Warzone Contracts: every Contract explained

Turn your trio into a bounty-hunting brigade by making the most out of Warzone's Contracts system

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Call of Duty Warzone Contracts add a little extra incentive to taking early fights and exploring busy areas in the new CoD battle royale game. They come in all kinds of different flavours and when you complete them you can earn everything from a tidy XP boost to learning the location of the next zone well in advance of it appearing.

Contracts will get trios of Warzone players branching away from their ordinary tactics in order to secure some more in-game cash to use at Buy Stations, learn the rough location of a bounty target, or just get some advanced recon. The most basic Contracts include tasks as menial as checking a set amount of caches, but for those seeking bigger rewards you can even initiate manhunts on other players.

There are a handful of Warzone Contracts at launch, but Activision and Raven are already talking about new ones to keep player behaviour fresh with every match. You’ll find the different types of Contracts across the map and thankfully they’re all marked clearly on the in-game map for you to seek out.

How do you start Call of Duty Warzone Contracts?

Contracts are lootable items that you find naturally in the Warzone map. These can be tracked down using the in-game map, by zooming in on specific points of interest to reveal which bounties are where.

Once you reach the spot on the map you simply interact with the Contract by picking it up and you’ll have a mission to complete. Once you’ve accepted a Contract you can see the tracker on the left side of your screen just below the mini-map.

What Warzone Contract types are there?

Warzone Contracts come in the following forms:

  • Bounty – eliminate a randomly designated enemy player
  • Scavenger – open a series of supply caches
  • Recon – secure a flag point like in the Domination multiplayer mode

Are Contracts worth it?

It depends on the Contract you’re chasing, but the most obviously worthwhile Contract is the Bounty. These pay roughly $3000 upon completion and there’s even a mechanic that offers additional reward for subsequent Contracts, so it’s possible to earn over $4000 for completing a second consecutive Bounty in Warzone.

While we’re yet to see some of the other Contracts in action, rewards like being able to see the next zone location can prove invaluable if you’re the type of trio that likes to ambush players as they come in from the gas.

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