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Warzone crashed satellite and uplink locations

Here are the locations of the new points of interest in Warzone Season 4

A crashed satellite in Warzone

Welcome to the new season of Warzone – the update adds several new points of interest to the map, including satellite crash sites and uplink stations, as well as red doors you can use to fast travel. Nakatomi Plaza is no more; it’s now called Downtown Tower, and its vault has been cleared of loot. It’s also under new management – apparently the last tenants broke a lot of windows.

A new timed event called Ground Fall arrives with the new season – it’s a chance to earn extra loot such as emblems, calling cards, weapon charms, XP, and an Epic secondary weapon blueprint by completing challenges in both Warzone and Cold War.

Several of those challenges involve the new points of interest: the four crashed satellites sprinkled across the map, and the uplink stations. The crashed satellites don’t appear on the tac map, but they are fairly visible on the map itself. If you’re struggling to find the exact satellite crash site locations in Warzone, we’ve gathered them here for you. The uplink stations are also dotted throughout the map; we’ve found them close to the crashed satellites themselves.

Warzone crashed satellite locations

The new point of interest in Warzone, the satellite crash site locations are:

  • Krovnik Farmland – found in the middle of a crop field
  • Bloc 18 – accessible from the Radar Array, near the village by the Salt Mines
  • Bloc 16 – by the Gora riverbed near the Airport Control Tower
  • Gora Bridge – impacted by the crashed satellite, found between Downtown Fire Station 12 and the Promenade Fairgrounds

Warzone uplink locations

It doesn’t look like there’s a set location for uplinks to appear, but when you come across one, here’s how they work. You need to secure the uplink first by interacting with it, which will drop a satellite, from which you can collect rewards. This is required to tick off the challenge Launch Time, in which you need to collect three rewards from crashed satellites. For the full list of challenges, check out our guide to the Warzone Ground Fall event.

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