Call of Duty: Warzone’s infinite gas mask glitch has been fixed

Raven Software has rolled out a fix, but the studio is still monitoring the situation

You should see less of that pesky Call of Duty: Warzone gas mask glitch in your games going forward. Raven Software has taken to Twitter to tell fans that a fix for the exploit has been rolled out, with a link to its Trello board confirming it’s still being monitored.

We’ve not seen the exploit for a wee while, but that doesn’t make it any less annoying to come across. The exploit allowed players to spend as much time as they fancied out of Warzone’s action area and in the gas as their mask wouldn’t break. We won’t get into how it works, but you can find plenty of clips of people using it on Reddit. Despite their gas mask running out, their icon keeps flashing, and they can carry on as usual.

The exploit popped up not long after Season 3 launched, though hopefully, we won’t see it again for a while. Warzone has seen several recurring bugs over its time, and a few of them allow players to spend as much time as they fancy out in the smoke.

One of the more common ones we see here and there is the infinite stim glitch, which allows players to heal themselves, well, as much as they’d like.

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