Turns out you can avoid that Call of Duty: Warzone gas mask animation

Players are getting creative in skipping that Warzone gas mask animation

Renetti and SKS in Modern Warfare

If you’ve been getting stuck into Call of Duty: Warzone, you’ll know that one of the biggest threats to “getting some” (sorry, scoring “Warzone victories”) isn’t just enemies running around with the best Warzone guns – it’s also the Circle Collapse, that encroaching wall of gas. Not only is the gas itself harmful, but it also triggers a brief animation for putting on a gas mask – which can leave you vulnerable to enemy fire. Fortunately, it looks like you can skip it entirely.

User RoninMk7 has posted a clip of one method, which involves using the heartbeat sensor, a bit of kit you can find in various spots around the Verdansk map that lets you detect nearby foes.

As demonstrated in the video below, it seems the gadget has a handy second purpose, too: have it ready to use in-hand while legging it in and out of the fog, and you won’t see the gas mask equip animation (though it will still be equipped), saving you some precious seconds. You won’t be able to use a weapon in those couple of seconds, but it’s preferable to being mid-animation.

Take a look at the heartbeat sensor method in action below:

How to avoid the gas mask animation using the Heartbeat Sensor from CODWarzone

It seems there’s a second, alternative way of skipping the gas mask animation, too, through using the Akimbo perk. This perk gives you the option of dual wielding handguns by sacrificing some accuracy – and like the heartbeat sensor trick, if you have two Akimbo weapons equipped while you run in and out of the safe zone, and you’ll find your hands are too busy to pop the gas mask on. The game will just take care of that for you. Lovely.

Check out user Six3sixkawi demonstrating the method in action in the clip below:

Here’s how to get no gas mask animation (sprint with akimbo) from CODWarzone

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