How to use a Warzone Golden Keycard to open Mercenary Vaults

If you’re trying to open the Mercenary Vaults and earn yourself some sweet loot, you’re going to need to get your hand on a Warzone Golden Keycard or two

Two soldiers fighting in front of a legendary supply chest in Call of Duty Warzone

Want to open up a Mercenary Vault with a Warzone Golden Keycard? Long time Warzone players won’t forget the loot-laden bunkers that were underneath Verdansk years ago. These mysterious bunkers have made their way to Caldera after the Warzone Season 4 update, but this time they’re known as Mercenary Vaults and they can only be accessed with a Golden Keycard.

Finding a Warzone Golden Keycard in the battle royale game can be a tricky process, but there are ways to maximise your chances of finding one. Once you have a keycard, all you need to do is travel to the areas on the map featuring yellow circles around them. Opening Mercenary Vaults rewards you with game-changing loot, setting players up perfectly to dominate rival squads with loads of cash, weapons, and equipment. Don’t forget to check out the Warzone buried treasure found on Fortune’s Keep if you’re searching for powerful loot in the early game.

Where to find a Golden Keycard in Warzone

You can find Golden Keycards on Caldera by opening supply boxes scattered throughout the map, completing Warzone Contracts, and by looting the corpses of rival players. There’s no way to guarantee a Golden Keycard drop, though some players claim you can increase your odds by looting supply boxes found in POIs close to Mercenary Vaults. Orange supply boxes may also have a higher drop rate for Golden Keycards.

If you’re desperate to open a Mercenary Vault without doing any of the hard work of finding a Golden Keycard yourself, you could camp near an unopened vault. Yes, this might be a dishonourable thing to do, but we aren’t going to judge you for killing other players on the battlefield.

Warzone Mercenary Vault locations

Unlike the Warzone Bunkers, all seven Mercenary Vaults have been highlighted on the map with a yellow circle. When you arrive at any of these locations, you need to be on the lookout for a hatch. The hatches lead directly to the vaults, though we advise proceeding with caution when approaching the locked door as there may be unscrupulous players waiting to ambush you.

The map from Call of Duty Warzone Season 4 with pins in each of the mercenary vault locations

Here are the Mercenary Vault locations in Warzone:

  • North of Resort
  • Northeast of Fields
  • East of Powerplant
  • Between Lagoon and Airfield
  • West of Mines
  • South of Docks
  • North of Beachhead

That’s everything you need to know to find a Golden Keycard and open Mercenary Vaults in Warzone. Don’t forget to check out our best Warzone loadouts guide after visiting one of these vaults – spend your extra cash on a loadout drop that could win you the game. We also recommend checking out the best Warzone guns to stay up to date with all the meta weapons in the game.