How to become a zombie in Warzone

Transform into a zombie with special abilities as contamination consumes Verdansk

Two Zombies charging at a player in Call of Duty

Wondering how to transform into a zombie in Warzone? Ahead of the Warzone Season 3 update, players have noticed an alarming increase in zombie activity on the map. After the Outbreak event, zombies have slowly made their way from the shipwreck across to the prison, and it looks like the infestation is reaching its peak.

The Call of Duty blog has been releasing ‘containment protocol alerts’, steadily updating the Verdansk ‘contamination levels’ – and they’ve now reached 100%. We imagine the entire map will shortly be completely overrun, with nothing left to do but nuke the whole thing – which we expect to coincide with the new Warzone map release date.

As a result of all this chemical contamination, players have found themselves transforming into zombies themselves after they die in the battle royale game. It looks like the zombies are on the verge of taking over completely, so if you can’t beat them, why not join them, and have some fun shambling around before the new season starts. Here’s how to become a zombie in Warzone.

How to transform into a zombie

To turn into a zombie, simply die in the radiation. The radiation zones are marked with red circles on the map – currently, they are covering Shipwreck and Prison, but we expect more of them will gradually appear.

It’s important to note that if the last human alive in your squad dies, you’ll all perish, so you need to appoint at least one of your teammates as a zombie babysitter while you run around clawing people to death. This means you won’t be able to become a zombie if you’re playing solo.

Warzone Zombie abilities

Zombies are able to survive in the gas, and they have unique abilities: Charged Jump, Gas Grenade, and EMP Blast. As a zombie, you can also see the location of all enemies highlighted in purple; essentially a permanent UAV.

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