Call of Duty: Warzone install size is finally shrinking – after a 50GB patch

Warzone's getting smaller, but you're gonna have to download a massive patch to make it that way

Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops – Cold War are getting their big midseason update this week, and Warzone players in particular are in store for an absolutely massive patch. The upside? The install size for Warzone is finally shrinking, so you can claw back a few precious gigabytes of space on your SSD.

The new Warzone update will be 52.4GB on PC, or an even more whopping 133.6GB if you also still have Modern Warfare installed. This massive update features “enhancements to the overall content management system” including “data optimization and streamlining content packs”. In other words, this is a one-time whopper that does a lot of restructuring so that your install will stay a bit smaller.

Warzone installs will shrink by 11.8GB. We’re clocking the current Warzone install at 92.1GB, so post-patch it should be around 80.3GB. That’s still big, but it’ll at least be a little more manageable. A joint Modern Warfare and Warzone install with all the options is well over 200GB at this point, but it will shrink by 30.6GB as of this update. Again, still a whopper, but maybe you’ll actually be able to fit it on an SSD now.

Black Ops – Cold War is getting a much more modest 8.1GB patch on PC. Check the official site for details on the patch sizes on the consoles.

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In the meantime, we’re looking out for details on what Warzone’s new map will look like. For more FPS games and battle royale games, you can follow those links. Can you run it? Take the Call of Duty Warzone system requirements test at PCGameBenchmark.