The best Marshal loadout in Warzone

Give Warzone Season 5's newest pistol a whirl

The Marshal pistol introduced in Warzone Season 5

Wondering how to unlock the Marshal in Warzone? This chunky secondary firearm is one of the new weapons coming to Warzone Season 5. It’s a hand-loaded double barrel pistol that blasts 12 gauge shells into enemies that’s extremely potent at close range. You can even get a one-shot kill if you’re particularly skilled with it.

Warzone Season 5 also brings a whole bunch of balance changes to the best Warzone guns, and some new weapons. We’ll go more into the EM2 assault rifle and the Tec-9 SMG in other guides, especially as it’s a bit early to tell how they fit in with the best Warzone assault rifles and best Warzone SMGs respectively.

The Marshal can be unlocked using two methods: one is to pick up the in-game bundle with a unique blueprint variant in the store, but the other is to complete an in-game challenge to grab the free base weapon for yourself. To unlock the Marshal, all you need to do is land a headshot kill using a pistol across 15 completed matches. Give our best Warzone pistol guide a read to make this challenge significantly easier.


The best Warzone Marshal loadout is:

  • 6.5” Cut Down
  • Dual Wield

There aren’t many ways to build this weapon due to its lack of attachments, though you can upgrade the base experience with a couple of tweaks. The first attachment you should use is the 6.5” Cut Down barrel to improve the Marshal’s effective damage range and bullet velocity. This doesn’t upgrade the weapon to be capable of downing enemies with a single shot from range, but it should help you deal slightly more damage than usual.

Equipping the Dual Wield attachment is the biggest upgrade you can bestow on this strange pistol-shotgun hybrid. There are a lot of downsides to the Dual Wield attachment, but they are outweighed entirely by the ability to land a second shot in quick succession. The biggest drawback to the Marshal is its damage at range, forcing you to shoot your enemies at least two times. Dual wielding Marshals allows you to score that second shot right away to crush your enemies at close range.

And that’s everything we know about the Marshal pistol at the moment. Season 5 brings some potentially game-changing new features, including a whole bunch of new Warzone perks to discover. You can also check out our guide to the best CX-9 loadout and what nerfs have appeared for the Krig 6 this season.