Warzone meta hiding big secret as Call of Duty fans sleep on best gun

The Warzone meta is hiding a secret assault rifle with a massive K/D ratio as Call of Duty players seem to avoid Black Ops weapons in the battle royale FPS

Warzone meta hiding big secret as Call of Duty fans sleep on best gun: Adler from Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

The Warzone meta is hiding a big secret as Call of Duty players seem to avoid using Black Ops: Cold War assault rifles, despite one having the best overall kill-death ratio in the entire Activision and Raven Software battle royale game – though it could see a resurgence ahead of Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.

The CoD meta goes through a lot of changes, with recent updates transforming the best Warzone guns for season 5. Among all the tweaks and buffs, however, this assault rifle seems to have slipped under the radar. Heralding from Black Ops: Cold War, the EM2 has a better kill-death ratio and win rate that the beloved Armaguerra, but also one of the lowest pick rates in all of Warzone, essentially suggesting that despite its immense potential, the EM2 is being slept on by Call of Duty players.

The EM2’s win rate is 5.21, compared to the Armaguerra at 4.43. Its kill-death ratio is a massive 1.45, making the Armaguerra’s 1.28 look paltry in comparison. Nevertheless, the EM2’s pick rate – illustrating how often it’s selected by players – is only 0.33, similar to other unloved guns like the Fennec and PPSh. The Armaguerra has the highest pick rate at 8.26.

This is according to Charlie Intel, which captures the stats from WZ Ranked. Looks like it might be time to try out the best EM2 loadout, including an Agency suppressor, field agent grip, and 25.8 task force barrel. Alternatively, if you’re feeling faithful to the classics, the best Armaguerra loadout won’t take you far wrong, either.

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