Warzone new map – when is the WWII map coming to Warzone?

Call of Duty: Vanguard is coming, and here’s what it’s bringing to Warzone

Want to know more about the new Warzone map? According to a report from VGC, Call of Duty: Vanguard, Sledgehammer Games’ World War II themed release will integrate with Warzone later this year. Expect to see new weapons, vehicles, and a brand new WW2 map which will replace ‘80s Verdansk.

Black Ops Cold War fully integrated with the battle royale game at the beginning of Season 3 with the release of ‘80s Verdansk, five months after its November launch. There were a number of issues with the Cold War integration that took a while to fix: popular weapons were completely unbalanced for months, attachments didn’t function like they were supposed to, and weapon balancing on Modern Warfare weapons completely stopped.

Warzone Season 4 is set to include the first teaser for Call of Duty: Vanguard. The teaser should be reminiscent of ‘know your history’ messages that popped up on players screens back in August 2020. Expect to see a few teasers for Vanguard in Warzone before it releases later this year. Here’s everything we know about the new Warzone map so far.


The new WW2 themed map is likely to launch in November 2021. The biggest game releases of the year typically appear in Q4. Over the past decade, only two Call of Duty games haven’t launched in November: Black Ops 4 and Modern Warfare (2019). There is a chance Vanguard could be released in October, but this seems unlikely given Activision’s usual release schedule.


VGC’s sources claim the new Warzone map is set in the Pacific theatre of World War II and is “significantly larger” than Verdansk. ‘80s Verdansk is the same size as modern Verdansk, whereas this new WW2 map sounds like it will be much larger. To accommodate the increase in the map size, new vehicles will be added to the mode to make travelling easier.

Zesty, a known Call of Duty dataminer, found in-game files relating to seven new vehicles joining the game back in early April. This was originally thought to be for ‘80s Verdansk, but the reskinned version of the map didn’t include brand new vehicles.


Treyarch opted to use a modified version of the Black Ops III engine for Cold War, resulting in marginally worse visuals compared to Modern Warfare. Vanguard is reported to use an upgraded version of the Modern Warfare engine, the same engine used by Warzone. This means any upgrades in Vanguard should make their way to Warzone – this also gives us hope that the Warzone integration period will be seamless this time around.


It’s unlikely that players will ever be able to return to ‘80s Verdansk as they have been unable to return to modern Verdansk. Though Warzone does support the ability to play on ‘80s Verdansk and the smaller Rebirth Island, the devs have never given players the ability to go back to different versions of the map.

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And that’s all there is to know about the latest map coming to Warzone. We expect Activision to drop a teaser for Vanguard over the next couple of months. Savour your time on ‘80s Verdansk as this map is set to rotate out once the WW2 game launches. In the meantime, crush your enemies by picking the best Warzone loadouts to ensure you’re ready to fight off rival squads.

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