New Warzone map – map leak and all points of interest

Call of Duty Warzone 2 is launching right after Modern Warfare 2, find out what’s in store for the next Warzone map from the latest information and leaks

Call of Duty Warzone new map release date: a soldier wearing a mask with a skull holding an assault rifle

Want to know more about the new Warzone map? With Warzone 2’s release date scheduled for October 2022, it’s only a matter of time before Warzone 2’s map is officially revealed. Infinity Ward has designed the map this time around – if Verdansk is anything to go by, we can expect some Modern Warfare 2 maps to be spread out across the huge level.

If you haven’t been keeping up to date with Modern Warfare 2 release date, you might be surprised to know that the devs want to unify the Call of Duty experience. This means any story beats and engine upgrades in Modern Warfare 2 also apply to Warzone 2. The devs have made huge upgrades to vehicles, the AI, and water, so you can expect to see these changes reflected on the new Warzone map.

Warzone 2 may be running on the same engine as Modern Warfare 2, but the battle royale game is going to be available on last-generation consoles. This inherently introduces a number of limitations to the game, so don’t expect the next map to be considerably larger than Verdansk or Caldera. Here’s everything we know about the new Warzone map so far.

Call of Duty Warzone new map release date: an overview shot of the Warzone 2 map

Warzone 2 map leak

Well known Call of Duty leaker, Tom Henderson, has released a mock-up of what he believes to be the map in Warzone 2. This map was leaked prior to Activision Blizzard’s Modern Warfare 2 presentation where the devs announced COD 2.0.

There’s a strong chance Henderson’s leak is real as he correctly pointed out the abundance of water compared to both Verdansk and Caldera. COD 2.0 features upgraded water mechanics to create underwater battles, improved physics for swimming and better handling for amphibious vehicles. To add more fuel to the fire, the latest Modern Warfare 2 trailer gave the community a glimpse at the new Warzone map by zooming on a highly detailed greyscale map.

WARZONE 2 MAP 👀 (by me) from CODWarzone

A select number of YouTubers also had a brief look at the map, with JackFrags going into detail about what he saw at a recent preview event: “It [the new map] looked like a sandy desert-style location with multiple built-up points of interest, including shipwrecks, fishing villages, castles, compounds…“. This matches what we know about the leaked map, giving us a clear indication that Henderson’s leaked map is accurate.

Warzone 2 map points of interest

Here’s every point of interest on the leaked Warzone 2 map:

  • Airport
  • Caves
  • Fish Town
  • Forest
  • Graveyard
  • Harbor
  • Hydro Station
  • Marshes
  • Modern City
  • Mountain Town
  • Oasis
  • Observatory
  • Oilfield
  • Old Town
  • Quarry
  • Sira

Keep in mind that this map has not been officially confirmed by the developers, so there’s a good chance the name of these POIs may be different at launch.

And that’s all there is to know about the latest map coming to Warzone 2. In the meantime, crush your enemies by picking the best Warzone loadouts to ensure you’re ready to fight off rival squads.