Game-breaking Warzone bug is randomly kicking players out of matches

Call of Duty: Warzone players are frustrated by a game-breaking bug, which appears to be kicking people out of matches for seemingly no reason

Skull guy from CoD Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone players are apparently encountering a glitch during plunder matches, which breaks the game by kicking them out at random moments, seemingly for no reason. As initially reported on Charlie Intel, some Warzone players have taken to Reddit to discuss their frustrations and experiences with the glitch, as well as possible explanations.

“Funnily enough I played a game of plunder last night,” writes one user. “After about eight minutes in nearly everyone in the match ‘timed out’, my squad included. It was just me and I would say six other people left in the match.”

“Worked fine on resurgence,” writes another Redditor, “but for some reason plunder crashed every game I played. Every plunder game I’ve played today I get this [error] message about half way through the game.”

The same user shares an image of an error message that apparently greets players when they are being kicked out of games, and simply says “Lost connection to host/server. Connection timed out”.

Plunder is the alternative game mode to the standard battle royale in Warzone, where players can respawn, and use currency taken from opponents’ bodies to rapidly upgrade their loadouts. It was removed in season six, but made a comeback in October of last year.

As part of season four of Warzone, an additional plunder variant, golden plunder, has been added as a limited-time mode, and boosts the number of players in a match, as well as the amount of cash dropped by each slain enemy. Golden plunder’s current LTM run started on July 21, with one Redditor speculating that this is connected to the current server bug.

“These timeouts are happening in the pre-game lobby,” writes MadAshx. “They can also happen in the very start of a game, in the middle or near the end. Normally plunder has almost zero server issues. Even [sic] since golden plunder (and all its bugs and glitches) the servers have been dog s**t.”

Golden plunder ends on July 27, though it is unclear if this will affect the glitch currently being experienced by Warzone players.