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Here’s when Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5 begins in your time zone

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5 will start at different times for people around the globe, here's when it unlocks in yours

We just saw the brand new trailer for Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5 that showed the top getting blown off the Verdansk Stadium. Naturally, you’re probably wondering “when does Season 5 start so I can get in there and queue up for a hot dog?” Worry no longer, friend: here is the Warzone Season 5 start time.

The Call of Duty insiders at Charlie Intel have the scoop on the Warzone Season 5 release time. For most of the world, you’ll be able to jump in on August 5, starting bright and early at 2:00 EDT / 7:00 BST / 8:00 CEST. If you’re on America’s west coast, you’ll be able to start exploring the stadium August 4 at 23:00 PDT.

It’s a simultaneous start around the world, as you may have deduced from the above times. If your time zone isn’t listed, just do your usual offset math and you’ll arrive at your regional launch time. Or you can follow this link to have an online clock do it for you.

In any case, there’s not much longer to wait before we’ll be able to start on Season 5, which of course means an all new battle pass with all new weapons and weapon-related knick-knacks to earn.

Naturally, you’ll want to be using the best Warzone guns while you’re out there gunning down enemy teams, and be sure to check out our guide to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare perks to get yourself set up for success.