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Call of Duty: Warzone’s Stim glitch has been fixed

Infinity Ward nerfed the AS VAL and SP-R 208 recently, too

October 12, 2020 Infinity Ward says a fix has been deployed, and that it’s monitoring the situation.

Call of Duty: Warzone is no stranger to foul play, but the latest in-game mishap that’s popped up was proving particularly annoying for players. Players found a way to abuse a healing item and survive in the gas for as long as it takes to win a match.

As you can imagine, it made matches duller while other players stood in the open until the ring eventually closes in on them and wipes them out. Unless, of course, they’re also using the glitch. We won’t get into how to use the glitch because it’s gone now – hopefully – but it involved using the Stim Shot an unlimited amount of times.

Infinity Ward took to Twitter to share that a fix has been rolled out. “Thank you again for your support and patience while we worked to resolve this issue,” the tweet reads. “We’re happy to say that a fix has been deployed and we’ll continue to monitor your feedback.”

The issue initially popped up last week, which prompted Infinity Ward to tell everyone that it was looking into a fix.

Infinity Ward’s fix for the Stim Shot glitch comes on the heels of another set of Warzone tweaks for the AS VAL and SP-R 208. The former was bugged while the latter was just strong.

Now, though, the AS VAL’s SSP 10-R mags can no longer penetrate through multiple walls. The SP-R 208, meanwhile, has a bevvy of changes such as an increase to flinch and a minor reduction to ADS speed.

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