Call of Duty: Warzone’s new Sykov pistol has gotten a predictable nerf

The Sykov gets pretty ridiculous with a few of the right perks equipped, so Raven has clipped its wings

The stock Sykov pistol in Call of Duty Warzone's preview menu

As we noted last week, the new Sykov pistol in Call of Duty: Warzone instantly changed the multiplayer game’s meta when it arrived. With the Akimbo perk equipped and some high capacity magazines, the Sykov becomes a fire hydrant of death, and so it’s little surprise to see that Raven is starting this week off by dialling it back a couple notches with a nerf.

The latest patch for Call of Duty: Warzone includes several nerfs to the Sykov’s attachments. Specifically, there’s now an increased hip spread when using the Sorokin 140mm Auto, movement speed is reduced by 5% when using Akimbo, and the 80-round drum mags now add both a 5% increase to movement speed and a 7% reduction in movement speed while aiming down sights. Further, if you equip the Sykov with both the Sorokin 140mm Auto and the 80 Round Drums, the Sykov’s total damage is reduced by 25%.

These nerfs should go some way to addressing players’ complaints, which began almost as soon as the Sykov showed up in the FPS game’s last update.

Here’s Raven’s tweet with the full notes on today’s update:

As you can see, the patch also updates various other Warzone issues: the RC-XD has been pulled from Buy Stations and can now only be acquired from Containment Monitors, and the Containment Protocol missiles should no longer fall in the play area – what a relief! The gas circle was apparently moving outside of the play area in Kingslayer Trios, and today’s update addresses that issue as well.

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