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Call of Duty Warzone Trick or Treat locations: where to find all 16 Trick or Treat boxes

Jumpscares and free loot await in the latest Warzone event

Warzone trick or treat

The Haunting of Verdansk Call of Duty Warzone event is live, and we’ve had a pretty thorough look at what the Halloween-themed event adds to Modern Warfare. The battle royale arena has received a nighttime makeover. We also see the addition of several new cosmetic bundles, including skins from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Saw. Some slightly spoopy Warzone modes are also available to play now, ranging from the rather simple nighttime versions of Plunder and battle royale, to the brand-new Zombie Royale.

No modern seasonal gaming event could be considered complete without its own progression path, and Warzone’s Haunting of Verdansk event will feature 16 Trick or Treat rewards that players can collect from October 20, 2020. These rewards will all be buried in special supply boxes scattered across the Haunted Verdansk map. There are 16 rewards, and thus you’ll need to open up at least 16 of these Trick or Treat boxes to collect all the stickers, emblems, skins, charms, and blueprints.

Activision says that you can open these crates in the day or night and that with each one you open up you’ll get a chance to earn one of 16 Trick or Treat rewards. But it wouldn’t be Halloween if there were only treats, so there’s a chance you’ll get a trick from some crates, which is a genuinely horrid jumpscare that flashes on screen – we suggest muting game audio just before opening a chest. We also know roughly where you’ll find these reward boxes. So, join us as we run through all of the named locations where you can find Trick or Treat boxes in Warzone.

Warzone Trick or Treat locations

The Trick or Treat boxes don’t have consistent spawns, so you just need to land in the area and start opening as many boxes as you can. We have found that it only takes three or four crates until you get an area’s reward – you can also grab two or three per game.

Here are the rough Warzone Trick or Treat box locations:

  • Gora Dam
  • Arklov Peak Military Base
  • Karst River Quarry
  • Verdansk International Airport
  • Storage Town
  • Atlas Superstore
  • Zhokov Boneyard
  • Hospital
  • Novi Grazna Hills
  • BCH TV Station
  • Verdansk Stadium
  • Downtown
  • Gorengrad Lumber Yard
  • Port of Verdansk
  • Zordaya Prison Complex (Gulag)

Eagle-eyed readers will note that there are only 15 locations listed above. That’s because the last location is the train, which isn’t static.

Warzone Trick or Treat rewards

As mentioned, there are 16 Trick or Treat rewards in the Haunting of Verdansk event. And after you’ve collected all 16 you will unlock the Pumpkin Punisher Legendary assault rifle Blueprint. Each of the rewards is specific to the area it’s found in, so there may be some you want to hunt down more than others, but only by getting them all will you be able to unlock the Pumpkin Punisher Blueprint for the Grau 5.56.

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Keeping track of these rewards may be a little tricky, but you can see your progress on the Tac Map or check it between matches through the “Halloween Event” section of the Warzone menu. All of the locations will also be marked on the map found in this submenu.

Here is a list of all the rewards you can get from the Trick or Treat boxes:

  • Spooky Scene Calling Card
  • Jack-O’-Lantern Charm
  • Skeleton Crew Spray
  • Time of the Season Watch
  • Lil’ Demon Charm
  • The Joke Sticker
  • The Woodsman Spray
  • Return to Dust Blueprint for the Oden
  • Pumpkin Peril Calling Card
  • Freak of Nature Spray
  • Chainsaw Fiend Spray
  • Fleshy Fate Sticker
  • The Harvester Emblem
  • Ghoulish Gift Emblem
  • Scary Patch Emblem
  • The Cleaver Blueprint for the knife

That’s quite the haul of ghoulish goodies to admire when the event ends. Speaking of which: the Haunting of Verdansk Warzone event is set to end on November 3, 2020. So not too much time to hunt down every cosmetic.

How to get Cleaver Warzone

The Cleaver blueprint in Warzone can be found during the Haunting of Verdansk event, by searching for the Trick or Treat boxes around the Gulag area of the map. As each cosmetic is tied to a particular area, if you’re particularly hungry for the Cleaver then that’s the only place you’ll need to search.