Warzone devs confirm “current-day Verdansk is gone and it’s not coming back”

"Players don't know it, but current-day Verdansk - they'll never play it in that state again"

Get your best Charlton Heston impression ready to go, because the maniacs finally, really did it – they blew up Verdansk. Now we’ve gotten a (somewhat) new Warzone map, which leaves us with one notable question: is the old Verdansk coming back? The devs say that you should stop holding your breath for a playlist or anything else with current day Verdansk, because it’s “not coming back”.

“Season three really kicks off with a transition event,” associate creative director Amos Hodge says. “We want this event to be memorable. We want players to actually be active participants in the story. Players don’t know it, but current-day Verdansk – they’ll never play it in that state again. Current-day Verdansk is gone, and it’s not coming back.”

It looks like we’re getting a Fortnite-style rotation for the Warzone map, where big, seasonal events will change major points of interest without completely reshaping the map itself. Other battle royale games, like PUBG and Apex Legends, have introduced entirely new maps that come in and out of rotation.

You can hear more from the devs in the video below.

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