Warzone yellow access card location and how to use it

Here's what to get your hands on that yellow access keycard and exactly what it does

A new Warzone season has arrived and with it a mysterious yellow access card. Unlike Warzone bunker codes, the card ties into the new season of updates, mainly the Shipwreck location and the arrival of zombies.

That’s not all, though, Season 2 also adds a new Warzone assault rifle and we’ve already created a deadly Fara 83 loadout to show off its damage output. Like most new Warzone gun entries, this assault rifle seems slightly overpowered right now, so get it while it’s hot by unlocking the Fara 83 and LC10 in Warzone.

Now, back to that yellow access card, which is part of the new Outbreak mode which unleashes hordes of zombies into Verdansk. First, you need to locate the yellow access card at the new Shipwreck point of interest location. It’s worth noting that only one keycard spawns per game, so there’s going to be a scramble to be the first one to get hold of the it; read on to find out what to do with the yellow access card once you’ve managed to nab it.

Warzone Yellow Access Card location

At the new Shipwreck location, head to the bottom of the ship, where you’ll find plenty of zombies to wade through. Unfortunately, there’s no avoiding this fight as you need to kill all 40 zombies in order for a yellow access card to drop. It’s not until the last zombie falls that you can pick up the yellow key card and walk away victorious.

Yellow Access card supply box

Once you’ve picked up the yellow access card, your map will direct you towards a supply box. It won’t be far from your location, and you won’t be able to open it without the keycard. The supply box holds all sorts of randomised loot to aid you in your battle for the top spot such as a gas mask, a self revive, and even weapons.

Now the mystery of the yellow access card in Warzone has been solved, choose the best Warzone loadout to drop at this location, as it’s going to be congested with other battle royale players heading to the new Shipwreck spot.

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