Call of Duty: WW2’s loot boxes open in front of everyone in its social space


Call of Duty: WWII’s loot boxes – called supply drops – will literally drop onto the beach and pop open, in front of yourself and other players, in the new Normandy social space.

Here’s everything we know about COD: WW2.

A clip of such an event was posted to the game’s subreddit, captured by a player who clearly had early access to the game (it’s not out until Friday). The crate lands with a satisfying thud and three cards pop out. According to OP cuzseile, the crate exists in the world, and other players can see what you get.

Loot-driven games like Destiny, World of Warcraft and countless others notify other players whenever you get a drop above a certain rarity level, presumably to motivate them to keep playing through jealousy. We wonder what the social psychology rationale is for showing everyone the entire contentsof each loot box – perhaps you can’t stand their mockery when you getthree grey-tier voice lines, so you buy loot boxes until you get something decent?

In a welcome change from previous CODs, WW2 devs Sledgehammer have said the contents of their supply drops are all cosmetic.