COD: WW2’s zombies might be scary this time – we’ll see in two weeks


COD: WWII’s “twisted, new” Zombies mode will be unveiled at the San Diego Comic Con, on July 20.

Here’s your mission briefing, aka, everything we know about COD: WW2 so far.

The news comes via the COD: WWII Twitter account, accompanying a pretty ghastly-looking zombie:

Sledgehammer’s last COD, Advanced Warfare, strapped zombies into exosuits with jump packs and generally deviated little from previous campy versions of the game mode, retaining even Perk-a-Colas and Pack-a-Punch Machines. That version, pioneered by Treyarch in World at War and refined in their Black Ops series, has always been unashamedly silly.

Sledgehammer have spoken briefly about their “twisted new vision” before, saying the backstory to the mode will be “based on real events” while reminding us of their previous work on Dead Space, which some of their senior staff had helped to make. Apparently, the new zombies will be“unique to our Dead Space signature.”

Are we about to dispense with the silliness and get a genuinely scary zombie mode? Your man in the tweet sure doesn’t look like he’s messing around.