Are Modern Warfare 2 maps coming to Modern Warfare 3?


Oh YouTube, is there anything you won’t leak? Two new MW3 map names have allegedly been spotted floating around a map list in a private game. The sighting follows the 1.15 update on Playstation 3, and sheds light on the next DLC drop. The maps, titled Terminal and Shipbreaker, disappear once selected however, like coy, sexy ghosts. Terminal shares its name with a Modern Warfare 2 map, suggesting the return of that game’s finest death-arenas in Modern Warfare 3. Which is nice.

The video here shows an inquisitive and trustworthy young person scrolling through his maps to reveal a placeholder slot for the Shipbreaker map, replete with enticing thumbnail. Placeholder art for Terminal was also spied in the PC patch that accompanied the release ofCollection 1, with its placement suggesting that it would appear as a Spec Ops map in Modern Warfare 3. Infinity Ward have said that paid DLC will never include old Modern Warfare 2 maps, however – so unless the studio isplanning on significantly updating the Terminal map, pop your entitlement shoes on andexpect this to be a nice little airport-themed freebie.