Black Ops 2 PC patch “in the test cycle now”


Treyarch treat PC gamers quite well. They tend to keep us in the loop via PC community manager Cesar ‘@pcdev’ Stastny. Oh, look. Here he comes now. Hey Cesar!

“Good morning! PC patch is in the test cycle now,” said Stastny on Twitter. “I will have more info on that later (if I don’t drown in cheater tears before then).”

Earlier, he said: “I will announce patch details as soon as they are finalized. We are still working on it. No ETA or patch notes until then.”

Stastny explained that there is “more work required to develop and test PC patches so it takes longer.”

Last month’s patch arrived with a crowd-pleasing ‘FOV cap increased to 90’ note stamped to its forehead, so fingers crossed that a similar consideration of player feedback will be apparent in this one.

What would you like to see fixed? I doubt we’ll return to the dizzy heights of “horses falling through the world in Afghanistan” anytime soon, sadly.

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