Black Ops 2 players experiencing crashes, long load times, and poor performance


With Black Ops 2 now out in the wild to live or die in gamers hands it’s meeting its first steeples, being played on a wider array of different computer builds than it’s ever possible to test for. As such a crop of bugs have begun to be reported, poor performance, long load times, and even crashes seem to be the spread of it.

Activision are looking into the complaints at the moment but until then they’ve posts this helpful tweet: “If you have any issues of any kind with your disc of Black Ops II, please let Activision customer service know right away.” Though, this was followed by a slightly more pragmatic post: “If you are experiencing long load times, bad performance, or crashes please check here first:

Though that link only takes you through to a page to check your computer meets the minimum specifications.

I’ve picked through a few threads to try and find solutions for the problems and solutions so far have been your basic gotos:
Reinstall Directx and VCredist
Update your graphics card drivers (If you’ve an Nvidia card then check out the new beta driver, it can up framerates by 26%)
If you’re suffering performance issues, try dialling back the settings, closing any background programs, and check that your flatmates aren’t downloading anything they shouldn’t from sites they shouldn’t be visiting.

When news of a patch breaks we’ll keep you up to date.