Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC to introduce five new maps


What on earth did I miss? I took the liberty of having a Christmas, and in the meantime the definition of revolution seems to have deteriorated to the point of absurdity. In 2013, it seems revolution is spelled ‘map pack’.

A Gamestop promo poster for Black Ops 2’s first, still-unannounced DLC was photographed by official forumites and picked up by MP1st. It features four multiplayer maps named ‘Hydro’, ‘Downhill’, ‘Grind’ and ‘Mirage’, as well as what might be a zombie co-op map – ‘Die Rise’. Are those soldiers undead, or are they just pleased to see us? I can’t tell:

Also included is the euphemistically-named Peacekeeper SMG. Another poster reveals an exclusive Xbox Live release date of January 29th, so expect a PC release at the tail end of February; such is the way of these things.

I suppose this is a quiet revolution of sorts – Treyarch’s first attempt to add maps to Black Ops 2, rather than remove them. Nuketown 2025 was reinstated a month ago after a brief disappearance from playlists prompted player outrage. Are you looking forward to seeing new places in rotation?

Thanks, VG247.