Black Ops 2: Uprising DLC unearthed; will probably feature multiplayer and Zombies maps


Trawling website source code is the new bin-rummaging – the cleaner, warmer, and ethically sleep-better-at-nightier hallmark of contemporary sort-of-journalism. Call of Duty YouTube regular MrDarlekJD knows this, having had a root about in the organs of the official Black Ops 2 DLC page and come up trumps from the comfort of his own home. Black Ops 2 will continue its mystifying propensity for Bolshevik monitors with Uprising, he discovered, a map pack with a new Zombies level in tow.

An unambiguous line of code on the official site reads:

“background: #000 url(‘/content/dam/atvi/callofduty/blackops2/cod-bo2/dlc/dlc2-uprising-bg.jpg’) center top no-repeat;”

Further sleuthing revealed a paid-for Xbox Live dashboard overhaul of the same name. The premium theme’s description implored players to ““Download the epic Call of Duty: Black Ops II Uprising Theme, featuring Studio, Vertigo and the Mob of the Dead, Treyarch’s most terrifying Zombies experience to date”.

A tentative conclusion, then: Uprising will be another multiplayer map pack. Studio, Vertigo, and Mob of the Dead will be three of its new levels.

Black Ops 2’s first DLC update arrived a month ago. Revolution featured four new multiplayer maps, one zombies level, and a new peacekeeper SMG, because peace is best maintained with 30 rounds a clip at 750 RPM. Did you buy it?

Also last month, Activision ordered a “minimal reduction in staff” at Treyarch to “better align our development talent against the needs of DLC development”. The publisher claimed the release of Black Ops 2 updates would be unaffected by the layoffs.

Thanks, Black Ops Blog.