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Black Ops 2: Uprising PC release dated for May 16, takes PvP to a “deserted London music festival”


After two weeks of going steady with the Xbox, Black Ops’ latest map pack tires of monogamy and begins looking about itself. Mark my words – in two-and-a-half weeks’ time, it’ll be whispering sweet new maps into the hard drives of our PCs.

Five maps, to be precise. One of those is Mob of the Dead, a zombie-ridden ride about Alcatraz with a cast of Hollywood hoodlums including Madsen and Liotta. That’s been the subject of a short, but intense promo campaign, which you can thank for this:

And this:

Fewer trumpets have been blown in the name of the four PvP maps to accompany it, though their shelf-life is likely to be a good deal longer.

  • Encore is a map set in the aftermath of a “deserted London music festival”. Like any good UK shindig, it presents “numerous opportunities for run-and-gun” and close quarters combat.
  • Magma is set within a modern Japanese village, nestled in the shadow of an active volcano. Eruptions carve “multiple paths” through the ruined hamlet and become bright orange environmental hazards.
  • Vertigo has nothing to do with the popular Counter-Strike map of the same name – rather, it’s a dizzying meander through an Indian high-rise mega-structure.
  • Studio, finally, is a contemporary take on the original Black Ops’ Firing Range, which relocates the action from the familiar military practice facility to a Hollywood sci-fi-and-western backlot.

Hear Treyarch’s David Vonderhaar yell tactical advice for each below:

Black Ops 2: Uprising will be on sale from May 16 for $14.99. It’s been subject to the most concentrated marketing campaign in map pack history. Has any of it stuck?

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