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Black Ops 2 video has more zombies than you can shake a shovel at

Black Ops 2

Black Ops 2’s Vengeance DLC is already out on Xbox but because Microsoft paid Activision lots of money to dick over non-Xbox gamers we won’t be seeing it on the PC till some time next month. Until then we’ll have to make do with the new trailer.

It shows how a Wild West town is an appropriately terrifying setting for a zombie apocalypse.

I miss the silly charm that Call of Duty’s zombie mode began with – it had no place in World at War, it was just a fun add-on the Treyarch had been working on. But, despite the move into po-faced territory, it’s still one of the best parts of the Call of Duty games.

Still, I’m holding out hope for Treyarch to add a new minigame in their next Call of Duty iteration, a unicorn racing game, say. Or managing a teddy bear’s picnic. Something to jazz up the series a little, beyond adding a dog. (A dog which is clearly going to be killed off by whatever pseudo-terrorist/foreign army you’re fighting in Call of Duty: Ghosts.)