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Black Ops 2 will feature “oddball, slightly silly” Party Games modes


Picture Black Ops’ Wager Matches, if you will. Now scrub the gambling aspect from the frame, and voila – you’re left with a portrait of Black Ops 2’s Party Games, a preview of the mode that didn’t make it to Gamescom. Say Treyarch in their defence: we “just couldn’t possibly get through everything”.

“In Black Ops they were called Wager Matches, and there was the ‘gambling’ component,” David Vonderhaar told NowGamer. “But those somewhat oddball, out-of-context, just kind of fun game modes are actually going to make a fairly significant return in Black Ops 2, as what we call Party Games.

“We think about them as you and I just goofing off, having some fun in this arguably slightly silly game mode. We love making those game modes, and they’ll be a part of this game too.”

What won’t be part of this game are CoD points, one of a host of swaps and changes in Black Ops 2’s multiplayer detailed at Gamescom. Which quite deftly solves the gambling issue – no in-game currency, no cardinal sin.