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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s story took over two and a half years to write

In Advanced Warfare, Troy Baker plays Private Mitchell. Who really ought to be named Parts, lolol.

Sounds like somebody needs a more reliable word processor.

After years of trashy CoD-science, conspiracy theories and murdered protagonists courtesy of Treyarch and Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer are taking the new Call of Duty’s Troy Baker-starringKevin Spacey-facing single player campaign very seriously indeed.

Advanced Warfare’s future tale of PMCs and AKs took two and a half years to write – and that’s discounting the time spent waiting for replacement, non-Spacey-chewed scenery.

After a fan commented on Twitter that Advanced Warfare’s single player campaign was the first in the series they’d ever looked forward to, Sledgehammer co-founder Glen Schofield replied: “It should be”.

“The story alone has taken over 2 1/2 years to write,” he added, by way of explanation.

We don’t know a great deal about Advanced Warfare’s story. It’s set in 2054 and it involves problems that only bullets can solve. That may be putting an end to conflicts incited by a political puppet master who aims to profit by creating a region of constant warfare are taking a cut from all the military contracts that creates. Or, it might be about putting holes into swiss cheese.* We just don’t know.**

What we’ve managed to work out from the screenshots released so far is that, in the future, the army might employ mutated goat people.

Whatever the case, Sledgehammer have got to pull their finger out if they want to reverse the trend of Call of Duty releases on PC. Every new game in the franchise does significantly worse on the PC. It’s okay, though, we think we know how to fix it.

Cheers, Videogamer.

*Considering Kevin Spacey’s role in Se7en’s been re-enacted by a block of cheese, that latter suggestion’s not so out there.

**We know it’s not the cheese thing.