Call of Duty: Ghosts dog to act as “an early warning system”


Call of Duty: Ghosts is out now; here’s our Call of Duty: Ghosts review.

Oh, we can’t not write about this. Call of Duty: Ghost’s dog, who I think we’ve all sussed will be named ‘Ghost’ and the true subject of the game’s narrative, will bark. That’s not so notable in and of itself – but what if that bark Google translated as “bad man, six o’clock!”

BT normally charge me for the use of my phone line, but yesterday they were chatting to Raven Software’s multiplayer creative director Eric Biessman. Eric likes talking about the dog. You can tell.

“The dog is awesome,” he said. “It just kind of exploded into its own life. Obviously there’s some tongue-in-cheek stuff there, like the dog has a Twitter account, which I think is amazing.

“I think it’s just unique and new enough that it was a talking point that sort of exploded,” he went on. “I’ll be honest, in multiplayer – and single-player – I think the dog is great, it’s just a cool new addition, it’s fun and it’s unique enough that it stands out.

“You can get the dog to kind of guard your back – he’ll bark if there’s an enemy nearby so it’s like an early warning system.”

“Nature’s radar?”, asked BT’s Ian Dransfield.

“Exactly,” replied Eric. And the clouds appeared to lift, and the world seemed a little brighter.

Can you think of any other Gaia-provided security systems? I’m thinking the tell-tale crunch of autumn leaves: the forest’s burglar alarm.