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Call of Duty: Ghosts now only needs 4GB of RAM following update

Call of Duty Ghosts Activision Infinity Ward

What a difference an update makes: when Ghosts was first released it asked that your computer ran 6GB of RAM as standard. No small amount considering the game’s not a great leap forward – according to our Call of Duty: Ghosts review -from Black Ops 2, which could run on just 2GB. Well, with a new update that standard’s been lowered to 4Gb. A happy medium.

The 400MB update also brings a broadcaster mode.

The news come via Redditors as Activision haven’t released patch notes for the update yet. This is what Mkapex1 has managed to divine about the patch:

“menu stutter is gone 6GB requirement to launch the game has been waived for 4GBs. some cod esports stuff in private match was added

“in game stutter still exists (tested on amd parts) the framerate still caps to 91 confirmed.”

There may well be further changes but this is all that’s been spotted so far.

The eSports additions that Mkapex1 talks about is the new broadcaster mode. Originally set to debut this weekend at the MLG Championships in Columbus, Ohio, this update brings we PC gamers the mode a couple of days early. The mode lets streamers provide first- and third-person viewpoints as well as an over the shoulder view.

Thanks, MP1ST.