Call of Duty: Ghosts’ Riley replaced by mangy wolf

Call of Duty: Ghosts wolf skin

If any of you have read my Call of Duty: Ghosts review – I wasn’t a fan – you’ll know that its one redeeming feature is the protagonist, Riley the dog. He’s the hero of the story, and the most interesting character in this, or almost any other Call of Duty shootathon. 

Not only was he the hero of the campaign, players can use Riley to savage their foes in multiplayer battles, sending the brave canine into the breach knowing that he’ll probably do the work of 10 men with assault rifles because he’s just that rad. Apparently someone at Activision doesn’t realise just how cool Riley is, and is under the strange assumption that people would rather have a wolf appear when they get a killstreak. 

Yes, you can now use a wolf in Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer.

Here are some facts about wolves:

  • Wolves are not man’s best friend
  • Wolves do not know how to play fetch
  • Wolves are really easy to kill if you have silver, which is easily obtainable
  • In the UK, we wiped out all the wolves because they were really rude
  • When wolves see a full moon, they have to turn a light switch on and off 50 times

If, for some reason, you don’t know that wolves are many times less awesome than dogs, you can pick up the wolf skin for use in multiplayer on Steam for £1.69.