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Camown, everybody: new Black Ops 2 weapon personalization packs hit Steam

Black Ops 2

“Weapon camos,” says the cynic, “exist because the in-game bureau de change only ever seems to change one way.”

Not on Steam it doesn’t! On PC, where Black Ops 2’s latest pair of personalization packs have now grudgingly arrived, there’s no invented currency to juggle, no leftover monopoly money to splash – just a £1.99 asking price and a question: is it worth it?

That all depends on whether you self-identify as either a Paladin or a Cyborg, the respective themes of the new packs. I’ve been called a white night before, so I’ll be plumping for the Paladin set – made up of three reticles, a weapon skin and a Calling Card, all “inspired by the regal insignias of the Middle Ages”.


The Cyborg Pack offers the same, but in aesthetics sourced from “the distant future”. In the ill-defined far flung times ahead, man will apparently be made machine – but he’ll still have this compulsive need to customise his assault rifles.


Note that those reticles will only be available for the ACOG, EOTec, Hybrid and Reflex optics. If you don’t sport any of those in-game, you won’t be flying your paid-for colours. Will you be picking up a pack, all clued-up as you now are?

Thanks, Black Ops Blog.