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Mad maps: Call of Duty to return to the Dome in Ghosts DLC, leak suggests


Call of Duty: Ghosts had its first double XP weekend a couple of days ago, and PC players who hung around for the end were in for an additional, accidental treat. Infinity Ward briefly uploaded the wrong playlist, revealing the names of seven apparent unreleased maps: among them, fan favourite Dome.

At least, I think it’s a fan favourite. It’s complicated, just like our Call of Duty: Ghosts review.

There’ve been two Domes in CoD history – one in Treyarch’s World at War, and another in Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 3. The former is situated atop the Reichstag, the German parliament building in Berlin; the latter an abandoned NATO military outpost in the nonspecific Middle East.

What both have in common is their small stature and tendency to encourage close quarters combat. In layout, however, they were quite different, and players have differing opinions on their relative merits. Which Ghosts’ remake seeks to pay homage to remains to be seen.

To make matters moderately more confusing, some Ghosts players have noted a distinct similarity between the layout of MW3’s Dome and purportedly new Ghosts map Strikezone. Dome, they reason, is already in the game:

The other six named maps are Swamp, Battery, Red River, Rumble, Gaza, and Boneyard. Black Ops II DLC quickly settled into a format of four multiplayer maps and one Zombies level per release, so we can expect a similar arrangement for Ghosts – though I suppose it’s possible the new Extinction mode might muddle that pattern.

Which Dome would you like to see in Ghosts, and why? Or perhaps there’s another map you’d rather see remade?

Thanks, VG247.