Mark Rubin: “we cut a lot” for Call of Duty: Ghosts’ multiplayer. “There are going to be people very upset”

call of duty ghosts multiplayer mark rubin

Call of Duty: Ghosts is out now; here’s our Call of Duty: Ghosts review.

Mark Rubin has no illusions about what Infinity Ward have done. “With Ghosts we didn’t bloat, we cut a lot,” he told Game Informer. “Are fans going to like that? Some people won’t. We know that. There are going to be people very upset that we cut something they like.”

He says they had to do it because the studio “felt this needed to be its own new game. We wanted to let this game grow on its own and become what it needs to be on its own.”

“We took the list of game modes, we cut it away – all of them. Said, ‘Take every single game mode we’ve ever done and take them off the board.’ The idea was to go through and then pull each one out and go ‘TDM, should we keep it? Well, let’s talk about why we should keep it.’

“TDM was a pretty easy one, we were like ‘Ok, let’s put that one back.’

“We tried to cut as many as we possibly could. The idea was, especially for launch anyways, to introduce a lot of game modes.”

For the game to feel fresh they didn’t want it to fulfill a legacy to the series. It’s a bold move considering a lot of players will be buying a copy of Ghosts to have the most up to date version of the series they love with the game modes that they love.

Rubin didn’t say which modes wouldn’t be making a return, nor did he rule out their being added back into the game at a later date.

Though, at launch there will be some old favourite missing.