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Modern Warfare 3 final DLC revealed: The Chaos Pack and Final Assault


I don’t want to upset anybody, but it’s all over. Black Ops 2 is incoming at a speed befitting its spinning-plate future-helicopters, and I’ve just been given the last of the information there’s ever going to be about Modern Warfare 3. Turn your monitors to sepia; it’s time to start writing the history books on MW3, which will end with an epilogue covering its two final DLC releases – the Chaos Pack and Final Assault.

The Chaos Pack – more properly titled Collection 3 – comes with the new Special Ops Chaos Mode, which features enemy waves, chained kill bonuses and power-ups spawned about the map. Hopefully its arcade appeal will have me eating my words – namely those about Rise of the Triad being the antithesis of modern FPS design.

Collection 4: Final Assault brings five new maps to multiplayer. ‘Gulch’ pits combatants against each otherin a mining town, ‘Boardwalk’ takes place on a Jersey Shore beach – minus its namesake’s cast, presumably – ‘Parish’ is set in the French Quarter of New Orleans, while both ‘Offshore’s Oil Rig and ‘Decommission’s ocean liner promise fresh sea air.

Release dates are TBA on PC, but are set for August 6th and September 9th on Xbox respectively. When there’s news on that front, we’ll be all over it here.