Terminal headed to Modern Warfare 3 in a free update ‘soon’


Terminal, the infamously riot-shield friendly Modern Warfare 2 map, is looking like it’s going to be added to Modern Warfare 3 in a free update, if Mark Rubin, Executive Producer at Infinity Ward, is to be trusted. But seeming as he’s the Executive Producer at Infinity Ward, I think he probably is. 

There’s no release date yet, but soonis the word that’s being thrown around, although ‘soon’ is more ‘soon’ if you’re playing on an Xbox 360, because Microsoft’s 30-day exclusivity deal with Activision prevents any update going out to either PS3 or PC within 30 days of it going up on Xbox. That means free updates too, which feels a bit petty really.

Either way, it’s probably worth dusting off your Riot Shield a little, and getting ready to hide in that little room where you can just shoot anyone and anything that dares enter your riot zone, because you’re no doubt going to be exercising that right within the next few months.