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Carbine declare Wildstar open for beta for 10 days beginning May 8

Gosh, you two are tall. How about we do something other than fight?

Sad news: we’re never going to be able to run another Wildstar giveaway on the site. /sad news: that’s because Wildstar is very nearly in open beta and, invite or no, everybody will soon be able to go hoverboarding in Carbine’s green (and white, and purple), pleasant land.

The open beta will run for 10 days, which the mathsiest among you will have surmised means it begins May 8 and ends May 18. 

It will up the closed beta level cap of 25 to 30 - though if it’s your first time in Wildstar’s company, it’s probably best not to view that limit as a challenge. Remember that others have had access on and off for months and are considerably more levelled.

Or don’t, and bunny hop through the game in record time. I know our Nick prides himself on topping any MMO’s level cap inside of a week, and hoverboards as mounts certainly don’t do anything to discourage that.

Final note: Wildstar is a traditional subscription MMO, and will likely never be cheaper to play than it will be beginning Thursday. Unless you get to grips with its Eve-like CREDD system, of course, and pay your way with in-game cash. Any of you planning on trying that?

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Nick Wilson avatarTenClub avatar
Nick Wilson Avatar
3 Years ago

While what Jeremy says is true, my pride was broken when I wine and dined The Elder Scrolls Online.

Wildstar will be my vindication!

EDIT: Also don't forget that for each day you log into the game, you will receive three 'Boom Boxes' on launch. They contain a random assortment of items, xp boosts, costumes and even mounts!

TenClub Avatar
3 Years ago

Excited for this one as well. Too many good MMO games to play. It gives me no time for other games and my backlog is huge and growing lol.