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Carbine on WildStar: “We have the best damn MMO that you’re going to play this year”

WildStar stream

WildStar devs, Carbine, are feeling pretty confident about their upcoming MMO. With it moving into open beta, Mike Donatelli, product director, Chad Moore, creative director, Stephen Frost, producer and voice of DevSpeak, and Matt Mocarski, development director jumped onto Twitch to discuss the state of the game. 

The gents had some big boasts to make, a spot of trash talking and oodles of confidence. Carbine’s uploaded part I, which you can check out below.

Being a subscription MMO, WildStar finds itself in a minority, but the devs reckon that the quality of the game justifies the subscription.

“If you are going to sell an MMO for the box price with a $15 subscription you’ve got to give them the value. Month after month we will release more content for every play style,” said Mike Donatelli. He then hinted at said post-release content: “We have an entire expansion worth of content that we plan to launch over the next 12 months.”

Some of that expansion worth of content will be hitting WildStar pretty early on. “We have a whole zone that’s coming in the very first patch post-launch,” said Donatelli.

They reckon their game is something pretty special. “Best Housing of any MMO, ever,” said Matt Mocarski. Pffft, housing. I live in a house already, it’s not a big deal. What about raids? “We definitely have the best Raids of any MMO,” said Stephan Frost. Not just the best, though. Donatelli describes the 40-man raids as “bat shit insane”.

Have any of you lovely lot dipped into the open beta? What are your thoughts? Feed them to us.

And if you want to see more of the game without downloading it or playing it, then you can check out the 6-hour long stream on Twitch, which is going on right bloody now.

Watch live video from WildStar on www.twitch.tv