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Carrier Command: Gaea Mission release date confirmed


28th September! Damn. I should really have saved that till after the break. Y’know get you all intrigued and make you click through so you can give us a page view and then we learn the stats of what games your interested in and so on, but I can’t I’m too excited that the game is a month away. A single month. What have I stored after the break if not the release date? Only a click-through will tell.

Okay, so why is Gaea Mission so exciting? It’s one of those games which is part of genre that only appears once in a blue moon. The last example was Hostile Waters, over a decade ago. The carrier command genre puts you in command of a carrier in a somewhat RTS style. It acts as your command unit, your vehicle factory, and your resource harvester but you can also hop into command of any of your units in first person and deal the damage to your foes with your own two fists (and plasma cannon).

Levels are large open affairs, made up of island chains which you must hop between, preventing the enemy from taking captured ground but also always advancing your own front. It makes for a gripping game and it’s like are seen all too rarely on our PCs. So, bring on the 28th.