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Cash-less register: Titanfall PC beta begins February 14, sign-up open to all

No need to rush like this plonker - Titanfall beta registration is open till Friday afternoon, US time.

Titanfall has landed; here’s our Titanfall review.

Imagine a beta for a major shooter that wasn’t contingent on a pre-order, or the purchase of another, lesser game about a year ago, or a friendship with a developer’s mother’s masseur. That’s what Respawn are offering for Titanfall, on the day of love and greetings cards.

Registration means signing up via an Origin account for the Titanfall newsletter before 4pm PST on Friday.

You’ll be given the option of being considered for either the PC or Xbox One beta. It is crucial that you do not select the Xbox One option, because you do not own one. Unless you do. In which case, er, what’s it like?

Respawn say that “seats are limited” – but if you’re selected, you’ll be emailed directly by EA with instructions on how to access the game no later than 11.59pm PST on Monday.

Beta access isn’t limited by geography, refreshingly – though the game itself will only include English text and audio for the time being.

“If the closed Beta is installed on your system, all accounts should have access,” said Respawn in a post-registration FAQ.

“The Titanfall beta is not final code and represents a small slice of the game’s content. Testing the game before release helps us create a better final product for our fans.”

Gosh: a proper, honest-to-god beta for a big game. Do you think, after the prolonged launch stumbles ofBattlefield and SimCity and CoD: Ghosts, they’re finally listening?