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Castle of Illusion remake sees 1990 Mickey Mouse game given a bit of spit and polish


1990 was a good year. Glasgow was Europe’s capital of culture, Moscow saw the opening of its first McDonalds, I was born, and SEGA released Castle of Illusion for its Mega Drive system. Nearly 23 years later Glasgow’s still going strong, McDonalds has a firm hold of Russia’s central government, I’m taller, and SEGA have decided to remake Castle of Illusion, only this time in fancy 2.5D.

Aiming for release this summer, Castle of Illusion Featuring Mickey Mouse will see you entering the evil witch Mizrabel’s castle in search of Minnie Mouse.

Announced through SEGA’s blog, we were supplied with this succinct quote “The original Castle of Illusion was tremendously entertaining and has a well-deserved reputation as a SEGA classic,” said Chris Olson, vice president of Digital Business at SEGA of America. “Castle of Illusion Featuring Mickey Mouse brings this great game to a new generation.” Presumably he went on to say “A post-cold war generation. One whose hearts know not the pain of a McDonalds-less Russia, nor a European capital of culture without Glasgow in its legacy.”

The stills of the game do look lush but I’m just disappointed that SEGA didn’t go for the original’s Japanese title – I Love Mickey Mouse: Great Mysterious Castle Adventure.